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GEM Electric Vehicles

For 25 years, GEM electric vehicles have been leading the low-speed EV revolution. Safe, sustainable, stylish, and cost-efficient, GEMs are made to fit your lifestyle and move your organization into the future. Whether that means driving your kids to school safely and in style, delivering a microtransit solution for urban cities looking to cut costs & emissions, or building a quiet maintenance vehicle fleet to keep your properties looking pristine, GEM will get you there and provide an unforgettable ride along the way.


Our most nimble EV and smallest footprint model with up to 97 miles of range.
Seats 1-2  |  Starting at $13,182 US MSRP


Our most popular and versatile EV with up to 91 miles of range.
Seats 1-4  |  Starting at $15,540 US MSRP


The ultimate EV shuttle is a great alternative to SUVs or vans with up to 67 miles of range.
Seats 1-6  |  Starting at $19,113 US MSRP


Rival any truck or cargo van with up to 1,400 lbs of payload, 1,250 lbs of towing, zero emissions and up to 67 miles of range.
Seats 1-2  |  Starting at $16,731 US MSRP

Electric Vehicles Engineered for Local Transportation

What Was That!?

It’s not a golf cart. And it’s not a highway vehicle. It’s an electric vehicle (EV) engineered for local streets. 

Unlike golf carts, GEM is street legal on most roads 35 mph (50 kmh) or less and travels at a maximum speed of 25 mph (40 kmh). Additionally, GEM is engineered to exceed low-speed vehicle (LSV) federal safety standards.

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Close up of electric vehicle charging port


Cost of Operation

*Based on average price of electricity in US

Simply Electrifying

Whether you travel a few miles or drive all day, GEM offers flexible battery and charging options to ensure your electric vehicle is ready to move when you need it. GEM standard chargers plug into standard 110V outlets—the same you’d use to charge your smartphone. And, just like a smartphone, you can bring your charger with you, for easy charging while away from home. For those short on time, we offer two fast charger options.

A man and a woman cruising through the neighborhood in an electric vehicle


Federally classified a low-speed vehicle (LSV), GEM electric vehicles are held to a higher standard than the typical golf cart. GEM exceeds NHTSA LSV safety standards through several features including an Occupant Protection System (OPS) that is roof crush certified. With a max speed of 25 mph, GEM promotes a safer environment for pedestrians and vehicles to co-exist. 

A man loading leaves and branches into the truck bed of an electric vehicle in the park


GEM is a sustainable EV that doesn’t sacrifice quality, payload capacity, or the ability to seat up to six people. With zero CO2 emissions and optional solar panels, GEM enables cities, communities, and campuses to meet their sustainability goals.

Close up of interior of electric vehicle in the sand at sunset


GEM offers premium finishes to fit your style, including a panoramic skyroof, 16-inch sport wheels, low glow feature lighting, and vegan leather seats. Our full customizations portfolio includes 50+ accessories, 20 rear carrier options, and 10 work packages, so you can build a vehicle that fits your needs and your style.

People exiting an electric shuttle vehicle in the park


GEM EVs have a far lower total cost of ownership compared to vans and trucks. With no fuel costs and lower maintenance costs, GEMs provide savings without compromising productivity. In addition to saving on maintenance and fuel costs, you may be eligible for electric vehicle incentives or rebates. 

Put GEM Electric Vehicles to Work

GEM EVs provide innovative new ways to think about safety, sustainability, cost-efficiency, and convenience—especially if you’re moving people and goods across colleges and universities, city centers, residential communities, government campuses, and other micro-environments.

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