GEM e2
GEM e2

Our most nimble two-seater small electric car for local trips, light cargo and tight parking.

Seats 1-2  |  Starting at $15,240 USD MSRP

GEM e2 Small Electric Car

Big Range and Endless Versatility.

With its nimble performance and compact footprint, the GEM e2 is the perfect street-legal small electric car for local driving. The all-new 2024 GEM redefines LSV performance with more than 30 new EV features and upgrades for an automotive-like driving experience.

Federally classified as a low-speed vehicle (LSV), its low speeds and safety features promote a safer environment for vehicles and pedestrians to coexist.

GEM e2 small electric car


113 mi

Range up to between charges*

103 in


55.5 in


*GEM model, battery, payload and terrain will impact range

GEM beechwood tan seats


  • Adjustable front bucket seats with back and side bolster give passengers a personalized feeling of comfort.
  • Experience a smooth ride on all kinds of terrain with almost 6″ of suspension travel.
  • Seat a 6’8″ passenger comfortably in the spacious cab with 43″ of available legroom.
  • Durable, non-slip flooring.
  • Make effortless turns with optional electronic power steering (EPS).
  • Drive confidently with adjustable tilt steering that’s easily adjusted to your preferences.
  • One-pedal driving improves driver comfort and conserves battery power and the brakes.
  • Adventure year-round by adding doors. GEM’s door seal design and weather resistant seats are engineered for a weather-tight cab.
Small electric car GEM e2


  • GEM vehicles are street-legal on roads up to 35 mph in most states.
  • Ensure street-legal security on the road with three-point seat belts.
  • Travel roads confidently with DOT-compliant tires, enclosed cabs and an automotive glass windshield that offers protection from the elements.
  • Alert other drivers of your next move with LED brake lights and one-touch turn signals.
  • Regenerative braking, hill control, back-up warning signals and an integrated back-up camera all come standard.
  • GEM vehicles feature an Occupant Protection System (OPS) that is roof crush certified to SAE J2358 Standards.
  • GEM vehicles have safety features that are approved by the US Department of Transportation.

Small electric car easy charging


  • 100% electric powered with zero carbon emissions.
  • A sustainable solution that doesn’t sacrifice quality.
  • Choose from an array of battery options that vary by range, cost, and level of maintenance.
  • 1 kW onboard charger that plugs into public EV charging stations and 110V outlets, the same as your smartphone.
  • $0.03/mile energy costs to operate.

GEM e2 Specs & Dimensions


103 in (262 cm)


55.5 in (141 cm)


73 in (186 cm)

Turning Radius

125 in (317.5 cm)


69 in (175 cm)

Front Suspension

MacPherson Strut
5.6 in (14 cm) travel

Rear Suspension

Independent Trailing Arm

6 in (15cm) travel


Standard 13 in DOT street-rated 155/80 R13

Ground Clearance

8 in (20 cm)

Dry Weight

1,200 lbs (544 kg)


2,000 lbs (907 kg)

Payload Capacity

800 lbs (363 kg)

Maximum Cargo Capacity

330 lbs (150 kg)

Motor Size

5.0 kW/ 6.7 HP

Motor Type

AC Induction


Maintenance-free AGM, Distance AGM, or Li-ion

Top Speed

25 mph (40 kmh)

Brakes (Front/Rear)

Disk/Hydraulic drum


Onboard 1 kW charger standard included

Make the GEM e2 Yours

With hundreds of configurations available for endless versatility, you can build a GEM e2 small electric car specifically suited to your style and needs.

GEM e2 small electric car lineup

Bold Colors

The GEM e2 two-seater electric car is available in four automotive-grade paint options. In addition to black and white, choose gloss finishes in Arctic Frost or Tidal Blue.

GEM electric vehicles color options
GEM small electric car interior

Panoramic Sky Roof

The transparent Panoramic Sky Roof utilizes motorcycle windshield technology allowing the modified acrylic roof to span the entire length of the GEM. The roof panels come in translucent smoked gray to help filter sunlight while maintaining a clear, expansive and unique skyward view.

GEM e2 small electric cars are street legal for local driving

Sport Rims & Tires​

Customization continues with the addition of black painted 16″ black diamond sport wheels. The rims feature bright machined accents and the sport tire has an aggressive tread pattern for added style.

GEM e2 Luxury Comforts

Premier Upholstery

Individual bucket seats with high backs are ergonomic for ultimate comfort. A new seat pattern is highlighted by three high-end vegan leather fabrics to introduce appealing textures that elevate the style of the seat. The seats are offered in three color options to add to the customization of each GEM. The weather-resistant, luxe seats can be covered in Beechwood Tan, Avalanche Gray and Black or Beachwood Tan and Black color combinations.

Rockford Fosgate Audio

The Rockford Fosgate audio system provides superior sound quality. The Element ReadyTM speakers are IPX6 rated meaning they are built to withstand salt, water, dust and UV—all while delivering outdoor audio without needing an amplifier. Passengers experience high-performing surround sound with two speakers in front and two in back. Controlled by an in-dash tuner that is Bluetooth and audio-in compatible, these speakers are built to broadcast audio from your device, or use the built-in AM/FM tuner for the radio.

Interior Feature Lighting

LED feature lighting adds lights under the dash and beneath the seats to illuminate the floor of your GEM. The configurable lights can easily be switched between a brilliant blue ambient light, or a true white task light.

GEM small electric car aerial top down view

GEM e2 Battery Options

Four battery packages allow you to choose exactly which batteries fit your driving needs the best. Whether you make quick trips or drive all day, GEM eCars have a battery option for you

*Range based on typical, average use. GEM model, payload, battery type, and terrain will impact range.

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