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GEM offers solutions that can help improve efficiencies and help cut long-term costs for your business. Our emissions-free products are perfect for moving goods in and around your facility. No matter the size of your business or warehouse, GEM has vehicles that are right for the job.
GEM electric utility truck eL XD box and ladder rack
GEM electric vehicle backup camera comes standard


GEM meets and exceeds LSV federal safety standards, promoting a safe work environment for your manufacturing operation. Safety features include three-point seatbelts, an automotive glass windshield, turn signals, brake lights, an Occupant Protection System (OPS), street tires, a backup camera, optional doors and more.

Small electric car easy charging


GEM is a sustainable EV that doesn’t sacrifice quality or payload capacity. Operate more sustainably with zero CO2 emissions, zero idling when not in use and multiple battery range options.


Cost Efficient

Compared to vans and trucks, GEMs have a low total cost of ownership due to no fuel costs and lower maintenance costs. Compared to combustion engine alternatives, a GEM fleet can save you nearly $4,000 to in fuel and maintenance costs per year.

GEM electric truck for delivery

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Want something more custom for your world? Choose the model, color, interior and features that will make your GEM uniquely yours, inside and out.
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A True Partner

GEM aims to be your long-term partner — going beyond the sale of our vehicles. We provide procurement tools, a 2-year protection program, dedicated post-sales support, and access to our network of support dealers and 24/7 fleet management team.

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