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Cultivating a renowned campus takes dedication and experience. GEM vehicles will help fast track all of the behind the scenes work so your institution can stay focused on its greater goals, while also helping in your sustainability efforts and significantly cutting fuel and maintenance costs.


Meet your environmental goals without compromising productivity. With zero CO2 emissions, every gas-powered vehicle converted to a GEM is the equivalent to saving 21 trees. GEMs support the Federal Sustainability Plan to significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Street Legal

GEMs meet and exceed LSV federal safety standardsallowing safe travel throughout campus for both passengers and pedestrians to coexist.

GEM safety features include three-point seatbelts, an automotive glass windshield, turn signals, brake lights, an Occupant Protection System (OPS), street tires, a backup camera, optional doors and more.

GEM low-speed electric vehicle

Cost Efficient

GEM’s low total cost of ownership could save your campus millions in fuel and maintenance costs. To see how much you could save by converting your fleet to GEM, check out our fleet savings calculator

In addition to saving on maintenance and fuel costs, you may be eligible for electric vehicle incentives or charging infrastructure rebates.

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Configure Your Campus Vehicle

Want something tailored for your campus? Choose the model, paint color, interior options, rear configuration and accessories to make your GEM uniquely yours, inside and out.
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Your Partner

GEM strives to be your long-term partner—from the purchase of your first vehicle through the full life of all future vehicles. We provide procurement tools, a two-year protection program, dedicated post-sales support, and access to our network of knowledgeable dealers and 24/7 fleet management team.

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