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Give Your Guests a 5-Star Experience

Ensuring your guests feel comfortable, safe and taken care of at all times is no easy feat. Our GEM low-speed electric vehicles will help you deliver an exceptional guest experience at every turn.

With zero emissions, premium finishes, spacious weather-protected cabs, quiet operation and $0.03/mile to operate, our electric vehicles promote an enjoyable environment for guests and vehicles to coexist.

Whether you need a solution for shuttling, maintenance, groundskeeping, housekeeping or security, our eco-friendly electric vehicles have you covered.

GEM eL XD technician vehicle

GEM e2

Seats 1-2
50+ options and upgrades
Optional full doors
Flexible charging
Packages for housekeeping and security

GEM e4

Seats 1-4
50+ options and upgrades
Optional full doors
Flexible charging
Packages for housekeeping and security

GEM e6

Seats 1-6
50+ options and upgrades
Optional full doors
Flexible charging
Ideal for shuttling or tours for six passengers


Seats 1-2
22 rear configurations
Designed for facilities maintenance, property management, groundskeeping, deliveries and housekeeping

GEM e6 electric shuttle for 6 passengers

Comfortable & Safe

With high-back forward-facing seats and doorways for each passenger, spacious cabs with 43 inches of legroom, enclosed cabs for weather protection and non-slip flooring, our GEM electric vehicles are designed for guest and staff comfort.

Federally classified in the U.S. as a low-speed vehicle (LSV), GEM electric vehicles are held to a higher standard than the typical golf cart. GEM exceeds NHTSA LSV safety standards through several features including an Occupant Protection System (OPS) that is roof crush certified and optional hard doors for a fully enclosed cab. With a max speed of 25 mph, GEM promotes a safer environment for pedestrians and vehicles to coexist.

GEM safety features include three-point seatbelts, an automotive glass windshield, turn signals, brake lights, mirrors, reflectors, DOT street tires, a backup camera and more.

GEM electric vehicle and electric buggy


Conserving energy and maintaining a pristine and pollution-free property is paramount in the hospitality industry. 

Our electric vehicles are designed to help you achieve your sustainability goals while enhancing the guest experience.

GEMs are sustainable electric vehicles that don’t sacrifice quality, payload capacity, or the ability to seat up to six people. With zero CO2 emissions, quiet operation and optional solar panels, our GEM fleet can help your hospitality business operate more sustainably.

Cost Efficient

Compared to vans and trucks, GEM electric vehicles or electric buggies have a low total cost of ownership due to no fuel costs and lower maintenance costs. Compared to internal combustion engine alternatives, a GEM fleet can save you nearly $4,000 to in fuel and maintenance costs per year.

GEM electric vehicles easily charge using a standard 110V outlet and cost only $0.03/mile of energy to operate. 

In addition to saving on maintenance and fuel cost savings, you may be eligible for electric vehicle incentives or charging infrastructure rebates. GEM electric vehicles represent a long-term solution to balancing budget constraints with the need for quality investments.

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June 3, 2024

Paul Vitrano, Head of International Business Development, breaks down five reasons why clubs and resorts should choose low-speed electric vehicles for hospitality operations off the golf course—and keep golf carts designated to the greens.

GEM electric vehicle lineup

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Hospitality Vehicle Packages

GEM eL XD electric truck

Maintenance &
Repair Package

Technician truck

Technician Package

Delivery vehicle

Delivery Package

GEM electric vehicle

Choose Your Configurations

Want something more custom for your property? Choose the model, color, wheels, seating, roof options, doors, rear carrier options and lighting accessories that fit your needs.

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A True Partner

GEM aims to be your long-term partner—going beyond the sale of our vehicles. We provide procurement tools, a 2-year protection program, dedicated post-sales support, access to our network of support dealers and our 24/7 fleet management team.

GEM electric vehicle

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