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Give Your Guests a 5-Star Experience

GEM delivers an exceptional experience for guest shuttles, housekeeping, grounds crew and security. A comfortable stay at hotels and resorts comes from the whole experience, and our vehicles have you covered.

A teal six seater electric vehicle
A man and a woman fastening their seatbelts in an electric vehicle


Ergonomic design allows guests to easily enter and exit the vehicle.
People carrying bags from their electric vehicle onto the beach


EVs are quiet for guests inside and out, and the open-air design is fun for riders.
Two electric vehicles parked side by side in the sand at sunset

Premium Style

Accentuate your brand with the premium image of GEM.
Two side by side 6 seater electric vehicles, one red and one black

Where We Work

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Vehicle Packages

Electric Delivery vehicle

Maintenance &
Repair Package

Electric Delivery vehicle

Technician Package

Electric Delivery vehicle

Delivery Package

Poolside photo of a man doing maintenance next to a white electric vehicle


Want something more custom for your world? Choose the model, color, interior and features that will make your GEM uniquely yours, inside and out.
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A True Partner

GEM aims to be your long-term partner — going beyond the sale of our vehicles. We provide procurement tools, a 2-year protection program, dedicated post-sales support, and access to our network of support dealers and 24/7 fleet management team.
A man in a white safety utility vehicle parked outside of a building

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