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No matter who your business or organization serves, GEM vehicles are the perfect vehicle for moving people or goods safely, efficiently and sustainably.
A six door white electric vehicle
People riding in an electric shuttle vehicle


Street legal on 35mph roads (LSV), automotive grade safety features and spacious forward facing seats.
A man in uniform loading orange safety cones into an electric vehicle


Zero tailpipe emissions, zero idling when not in use, and multiple battery range options.
Man loading branches into the cab of an electric vehicle in the park

Low Cost

No gas, diesel, or oil costs. Plus an average $0.03 per mile operating cost.
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Vehicle Packages

Electric Delivery vehicle
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Repair Package
Electric Delivery vehicle


Electric Delivery vehicle


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Want something more custom for your world? Choose the model, color, interior and features that will make your GEM uniquely yours, inside and out.
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A True Partner

GEM aims to be your long-term partner — going beyond the sale of our vehicles. We provide procurement tools, a 2-year protection program, dedicated post-sales support, and access to our network of support dealers and 24/7 fleet management team.

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