Caring for Lithium-Ion Batteries for Your GEM

Owners of model year 2016 to present GEM e2, e4, e6 and eL XD vehicles have the option of lithium-ion batteries. Watch the following video to learn more about that battery setup: 

Battery Handling Precautions

Do not work in or near the battery compartment or on any other electrical component of the vehicle while charging the batteries. Before servicing the vehicle’s electrical system, always disconnect the main power connector first, then disconnect any electrical accessory connections, then disconnect the negative cable from the 12-volt battery (if equipped), then disconnect the negative terminal from the main battery pack. See your Owner’s Manual for more details. This will disable the vehicle by disconnecting the battery pack from the motor. It does not disable the battery pack. HIGH VOLTAGE will be present at the battery terminals and contactor. High battery voltage is always present. Do not touch the battery terminals. 

  • Always make sure that all 12-volt electrical accessories are grounded directly to the negative post on the terminal board. Never use the chassis or body as a ground connection.
  • Make sure vent caps are installed properly and securely during vehicle operation and battery charging.
  • Never connect a 12-volt accessory directly to the batteries. Always connect any powered accessory to the 12-volt terminal board.
  • Never connect jumper cables to any of the batteries on your GEM.
  • Always wear safety glasses or approved eye protection when servicing the vehicle. Wear a full-face shield and gloves when working with or around batteries and electrical connectors.
  • Use only insulated tools when working in the battery compartment.
  • Always keep battery terminals and connections clean and free of corrosion at all times.

For more information, see your authorized GEM Dealer. To find a dealer near you, use the Dealer Locator.
Maintenance tips, procedures and specifications can be found in your Owner’s Manual.