Transporting Your GEM

Do not tow your GEM. Towing your vehicle could result in severe damage to the GEM. Vehicle failures that result from dolly towing will void your warranty.

To transport your GEM, use a trailer. Always use a trailer with an approved load rating greater than the GEM vehicle’s curb weight plus any installed accessories or cargo. See the specifications section of your Owner’s Manual for more information.

Tie the frame of your GEM securely to the transporting unit with suitable straps. Always secure the straps to the front sub-frame and the rear frame of the GEM. Never place tie straps across any plastic body or floor panel components.

Make sure you know the weight of your cargo and the safe working load limit (WLL) of your straps. The WLL is a measure of the maximum weight the strap can safely handle. The combined WLL of your straps must be greater than the weight of your cargo. If the vehicle weighs 1,000 pounds and you are using four straps, each strap must have a WLL of at least 250 pounds.

If possible, always use a closed trailer. If an open trailer must be used, use the following guidelines:

  • Always transport the GEM with the vehicle facing forward on the trailer.
  • Set the parking brake and remove the key.
  • Secure the seats, hood and any items that could be damaged or dislodged by strong winds. Secure or remove cargo. If your GEM has hard doors, put all the windows down.
  • Never allow passengers on a trailer or in a trailered vehicle.
  • Reduce your speed and drive with caution.

For more information, see your authorized GEM Dealer. To find a dealer near you, use the Dealer Locator.
Maintenance tips, procedures and specifications can be found in your Owner’s Manual.