Smart Power to Move You

A variety of battery options and flexible charging ensure your GEM is ready to move when you need it. GEM standard chargers plug into standard 110V outlets—the same you’d use to charge your smartphone. And, like your smartphone, you can bring your charger with you, for easy charging while away from home. For those short on time who need to run all day, we offer two Li-ion battery options and two fast charger options.
Range based on typical, average use. GEM model, payload, battery type, and terrain will impact range.

Battery Options

Flooded Lead-acid (FLA)

  • Value battery requires regular maintenance
  • 700 charge lifecycles
  • Comes standard for GEM e2 and GEM e4

Maintenance Free AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)

  • Leak-free, spill-proof design never needs refilling
  • 800 charge lifecycles
  • Comes standard for GEM e6 and GEM eL XD

Distance Maintenance Free AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)

  • For increased distance, especially in hilly terrain
  • 800 charge lifecycles
  • Leak-free, spill-proof design never needs refilling

Lithium-Ion (8.9 kWh)

  • Lightweight and hard-working with 3X more battery life
  • 8.9 kWh
  • 3,000+ charge lifecycles

Lithium-Ion (12.4 kWh)

  • Maximum range for high-demand applications and all-day operation
  • 12.4 kWh
  • 3,000+ charge lifecycles

Why Choose Lithium-Ion?

  • Maximum range
  • 2–3X battery life
    • You may never need to replace the battery on your GEM
  • Light weight
  • Better acceleration
  • Easy charging
    • Opportunity charging
    • Improved cold weather operation
    • More flexible charge duration
  • No regular maintenance

Fast Charge Options

Be more efficient with these fast, flexible charging options. The 3 KW and 6 KW fast-chargers are compatible with Li-ion batteries. Both enable you to fast-charge your GEM anywhere—at home or public charging stations. 

3 KW CHARGER for Li-Ion

6 KW CHARGER for Li-Ion

*Compared to standard onboard 1kW charger

Close up of electric vehicle battery charger

The Perfect Fit for Your Fleet

The next-generation of your business will require a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective way to move people and cargo. All-electric, street-legal GEM vehicles do just that without compromising reliability or utility. GEM also provides premium comfort, safety, and appearance for a variety of professional operations.
GEM solar powered car

Drive on Solar Energy

Add a solar panel to your GEM to extend your drive time between charges with a renewable source of energy. Our solar panels seamlessly integrate with the vehicle, are made with high-efficiency photovoltaic (PV) cells, are UV stable and optically clear, require little maintenance and are resistant to the elements such as rain and hail. GEM solar panels are designed to work with AGM and lithium-ion battery options.

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