Urban Mobility

Cities Need Micromobility

From bans on internal combustion engines, stricter safety regulations, rising adoption of sustainable transportation options and limited curb space, cities as we know them are changing, and rapidly. Additionally, 43% of U.S. consumers would consider using minimobility, meaning this could become a $100 billion industry by 2030, according to McKinsey.

GEM low-speed vehicles are uniquely positioned address three major opportunities in urban mobility—safety, efficiency and accessibility. GEMs balance the benefits of full-size vehicles and smaller micromobility options in micro-environments such as city centers, coastal communities, campuses and planned communities. A vehicle’s size, weight, speed, range and capacity should be fit for the purpose of the trip. We believe GEMs help promote a safer environment for pedestrians and vehicles to coexist. 

Common Usages

GEM street legal low speed EV


GEM meets and exceed LSV safety standards, has a max speed of 25mph (safer for riders & pedestrians), and is roof crush test certified.
EV easy charging


Zero CO2 emissions. Period.

The Total Package

With a low total cost of ownership (TCO), multiple battery options to choose from, charging with standard 110v outlet, and spacious seating, GEMs really are the total package.

Shared Fleet Management

McKinsey & Company forecasts shared mobility could generate up to $1 trillion in consumer spending by 2030. The popularity of shared-use mini and micromobility, which accounts for roughly 10% of shared mobility is soaring in urban, suburban and coastal communities as convenient and sustainable transportation options.

Joyride, the world’s leading micromobility software platform, is available as an aftermarket accessory for GEM. The Joyride IoT platform makes it seamless for operators to build and maintain a shared-use GEM fleet managed by mobile devices, while providing an exceptional rider experience to end customers. 

Features include fleet management, geofencing, fleet analytics, payment gateway, ID verification, branding opportunities, operator tools, marketing, customer service and more. Learn more about keyless and IoT-connected GEMs

Vehicle Packages

White electric delivery vehicle

Maintenance &
Repair Package

White electric delivery vehicle


White electric delivery vehicle


Configure Your GEM

Want something more custom for your world? Choose the model, color, interior and features that will make your GEM uniquely yours, inside and out.
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A True Partner

GEM aims to be your long-term partner — going beyond the sale of our vehicles. We provide procurement tools, a 2-year protection program, dedicated post-sales support, and access to our network of support dealers and 24/7 fleet management team.

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